Scale AI supports the Canada – France vision of Artificial Intelligence

Montreal, Quebec - June 7, 2018

Scale AI welcomes the Canada – France proposed creation of an international study group to promote a vision of artificial intelligence (AI) which will benefit society at large.


This joint initiative was announced on June 7, ahead of the G7 meeting in Charlevoix, Quebec. The study group’s mission will be to support and guide the development of ethical and inclusive AI technologies, aimed at shaping a better future for all.

Innovation and adoption of AI technologies are accelerating very rapidly and have the potential to deliver massive social, societal and business value. The study group will provide foresight, expertise, and an international cooperation platform to help seize this major opportunity and address the challenges that go with it. It will bring together leading experts from the scientific, technology, and business communities, as well as representatives of the civil society.

The Scale AI supercluster supports this proposal which addresses a critical need at the crossroads of innovation, policy-making, and socio-economic development. Scale AI looks forward to contributing to and learning from the work of the study group in the delivery of its mission.

Scale AI is Canada’s artificial intelligence supercluster, dedicated to building the next-generation supply chain, powered by AI. It is a business-led and not-for-profit consortium which mission is to drive sustainable economic growth and jobs creation, bolster Canada’s leadership in the global innovation landscape, and put AI to the service of all Canadians. To date, Scale AI gathers 120 partners including 80 industrial firms, a network of 12 academic institutions coast-to-coast, and 28 enabling organizations.

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