Who we are

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AI is no longer a thing
of the future

Its applications are concrete, its technologies ready, and its potential vast – waiting to be harnessed.

At Scale AI, we believe now is the time to take AI out of the lab and into the real world.

Where businesses can show not what AI will do, but what AI can do.

We accelerate the integration of AI across all industries, scaling large and small organizations along the way.

Reshaping business models, enhancing decision making, elevating workforce performance. Unleashing new avenues to embolden your business, the economy and the world, to reach our full potential.

Together we form a collective committed to strengthening Canada’s position on a global scale.

A true AI ecosystem

A consortium of private entities, research centres, academia and high-potential startups, Scale AI is the central pillar of Canada’s AI ecosystem.

As Canada’s AI Global Innovation Cluster, we identify cross-sector collaborative projects and provide funding and expert guidance to help Canada stay ahead of the AI curve.

What we value

Leading the change

By helping Canada lead the world in next-generation technologies

Technological excellence

By supporting innovative development and advancements in technology

Fostering diversity

By ensuring equal participation of underrepresented groups in STEM

Encouraging collaboration

By building a cross-sector network for sharing knowledge and expertise

By the

Scale AI is a co-investment and innovation hub with government funding matched by contributions from the private sector.


From the Government of Canada


From the Government of Quebec

Our vision

Our vision is to connect industries and researchers, with the goal of establishing Canada as a global hub for AI development.

Our mission

Scale AI’s mission is to boost productivity across industries in Canada by integrating AI with supply chains and by building a knowledge-sharing framework to advance technological research.

Scale AI is a non-profit organization.

Made possible through the
financial support of
Gouvernement du Québec
Gouvernement du Canada