The projects we’re investing in

$500 million of collective investment and counting.
This is AI in action.
Optimizing Wine Management Systems for Restaurants and Hotels
Alfred Technologies, Le Château Frontenac, ExplorAI, Korvaed, Auberge St-Antoine
Smart Replenishment and Smart Capacity
LFL Group, InDro Robotics, Lemay.AI
Usage cycle prediction and anomaly detection for electric vehicle fleets
Cléo, Location Brossard, IVADO Labs
AI-enabled Raw Material Characterization for the Drug Manufacturing Supply Chain
Katalyze AI, Sanofi Canada
AI Enabled Control Tower for End-To-End Supply Chain Visibility and Support
Cavendish Farms, Deloitte, Nuvoola AI
Improving last mile delivery with AI-generated indoor maps
Mappedin, Shippie, Rogers, Communitech, UniUni
Advanced Planogram Optimization Functionalities
Canadian Tire, IVADO Labs, Cantactix Solutions
AI-Driven Supply Chain
Logistik Unicorp, Inmind technologies, SimWell, Laboratoire en Intelligence des Données (LID-polymtl), Mondou, POLR
Leveraging AI for Patient Segmentation and Medication Adherence Forecasting
Bayshore HealthCare, Deloitte, Manifold Data Mining, Architech Solutions Consulting Services
Foxfire Labs, Magellan Systems, 503 Farming, Alokozay Distribution, Al-Nasr Groceries
Platform for the North American Supply Chain Business Health and Risk Management
FreshBooks, Bullet Security, Digital Design, IXICA Communications, Sitter Select, MiSCAN Lab (McMaster University)
Enovum Data Centers, FirstBlock, Mind in a Box, Société en commandite Lebourgneuf
Optimized de-icing operations
​Aeromag 2000, Vooban, Air Canada
Project Janus
​NOLK, MOOV AI, Spaceful
Pricing and room assignment optimization – cruise and hospitality industries
Plusgrade, IVADO Labs, MSC Cruises, InnVest Hotels
ADM AI Ramp Fluidity
Aéroport de Montréal, IVADO Labs, Groupe Infynia
NavTrax: AI-enabled forklift automation and collision avoidance
Foxfire Labs, Johnston Heavy Machinery, Qaskail Systems, Liftow, Royal Canadian Steel, The Design Quantum
AI-Automated Inspection and Predictive Maintenance of Wireline Cables
Tier 1 Energy, Zetane Systems, DeltaTee Enterprises
Accelerating Canadian Customs Brokerage with Intelligent Document Processing
Mely.ai Solutions, W2C, Mantoria, Descartes Systems Group
Routific II AI-powered Route Optimization
Routific Solutions, Fresh Prep, Lemay.ai, Leis de Buds, Greenhouse Juice Company
WorkSafe AI
​OVA, ArcelorMittal Produits longs Canada, Centre for Development and Research in Digital Intelligence (CDRIN)
Bottleneck recognition analytics for manufacturing
Pacefactory, Woodbridge, Magna International, FunnelCloud, DSS + Dupont Sustainable Solutions
Predicting patient risk of hospitalization and re-optimizing Home Care delivery
AlayaCare, CIUSSS NIM, Bien Chez Soi, Polytechnique Montréal
Resilient Supply Chains Through Well-Maintained Transportation Systems
Visual Defence Inc., The Regional Municipality of York, City of Windsor, Prof. Michel Gendreau (Polytechnique Montréal), Keenline Innovation Technology & Training Inc.
AI-Driven Subcontractor, Labour and Equipment Management
EllisDon Inc., Yeji Data Lab, Guild Electric Limited, Stephenson Rental Services, VR Mechanical Services
Predicting Usage Cycles for Electric Vehicles
Cléo, IVADO Labs, Autobus Séguin, Transco
Autonomous Procurement Pricing System
ATS, Demtool Inc., Waterloo Analytics, University of Waterloo (Vision Image Processing Lab), OERP Canada
Revenue Management for Retail & Supply Chain Through Artificial Intelligence
ALDO Group, IVADO Labs, Retailogists, ITL Group
Emergency Dept AI-Enabled Virtual Triaging and Queue Management Application
Humber River Health, Deloitte, MEDITECH Collaborative, Mackenzie Health
AI-Driven Physician Scheduling Solution and Workflow Optimization
Fraser Health Authority, Deloitte
Improvement of Radiation Therapy Through Staff Scheduling Optimization
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network, IVADO Labs, Southlake Regional Health Center, eSummit
AI-Based Decision Tool to Forecast, Optimize and Allocate Paramedic Resources
Alberta Health Services – Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Medical Care Incorporated, Airudi, McGill Clinical and Health Informatics
Resource Optimization Chart for Pediatric Intensive Care
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Sainte-Justine, Hôpital de Montréal pour enfants, IVADO Labs
Optimizing Emergency Department Resources with AI Decision Support Tool
Unity Health Toronto (St. Joseph’s Health Center, St. Michael’s Hospital), Signal 1, Grand River Hospital
AI-Driven Demand Forecasting for CIUSSS West-Central Logistics Optimization
CIUSSS West-Central Montreal (CIUSSS-CCOMTL), IVADO Labs
Developing the First Patient-Centric Care Management System for Oncology
The Ottawa Hospital, The Princess Margaret Cancer Center, The Centre Hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal, Gray Oncology Solutions, The Jewish General Hospital, The Programme Québécois de Cancérologie, The Centre Intégré de Santé et de Services Sociaux de Laval, The McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), The CIUSSS de l’Estrie - Sherbrooke, The Southlake Regional Health Centre, The Canadian Cancer Society
AInception—Optimizing Emergency Planning
Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM), Moov AI, CIUSSS Estrie - CHU Sherbrooke
Supply Chain AI for Circular Manufacturing Feedstock
Macrodyne Technologies Inc., ReGen Composites Inc., SimWell, Moov AI, Claude-Guy Quimper from Institute Intelligence and data—Université Laval
Aircraft Parts Affinity Recommendation with AI
Bombardier, IVADO Labs, Xennial Innovations
AI to enhance capabilities in early issue handling
BIM One, Nexapp, Moov AI, CIMA+, Clark Builders
McCain Driving Impact (MDI) x AI
McCain Foods Limited, Boston Consulting Group, Fiddlehead, Lemay.ai, Tribal Scale, Dalhousie University, Gaia Consulting, Beaver Creek Farms Ltd, Riverview Farms, Valley Farms, Killoween Farms
Intelligent structural steel design and estimating system
Canam Group Inc., RJC Engineers, McIntosh Perry Consulting Engineers, Moov AI, CICIEM (Concordia University)
AI-Enabled Warehouse Digital Twin
Routeique, Big Rock Brewery, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii)
Optimization of crane allocation
Guay inc., Vooban
AI-Powered Experience and Profit Optimization
Coveo, IVADO Labs
AI-Based Automotive Sunroof Installation & Supply Chain Management
Foxfire Labs, Automotive Sunroof Craft, Dealership Consortium, The Design Quantum, York University, OEM Consortium, SEMA, Signature Sunroofs
Improving Price Efficiency through AI-based Pricing and Costing
Day & Ross, Deloitte, MoovAI, Gardewine Group, Freightcom Inc.
Galileo Project: Workforce decisions and planning support using AI
Maritime Employers Association, Airudi, Polytechnique of Montreal and HEC Montréal
Trade Promo Optimization
Larus Technologies, Unilever, Federated Coop, Theory + Practice, SOSCIP
Demand Forecasting and Supply Matching to Optimize Continuity of Care
Saint Elizabeth Health, Deloitte, Markitech, Plotly, Manifold Data Mining
Supply Chain Intelligence Platform for SMEs
FreshBooks, MiSCAN Lab (McMaster University), Oligomaster, BeneComm Inc.
Ancillary revenue management platform
Plusgrade, Air Canada
ML tool for supply policies
Logistik Unicorp, Inmind Technologies (Mind in a Box solutions), SimWell, Ville de Montréal, Dristex, Polytechnique Montréal
AI-powered vehicle operations suite
Canada Drives,Canadian Black Book, Infostrux Solutions, UBC Sauder School of Business, ProCogia
Supply chain insights & optimization
AMG Medical, KPI Digital, Alpine Pacific Agencies, GDK Marketing Inc
Self-learning route optimization
Routific Solutions, Flashbox, Flourist
AI for exploration and development of critical raw materials
Enersoft (GeologicAI), Kirkland Lake Gold, Casino Mining Corporation, Fireweed Zinc, Tech-X Resources, Yukon Geological Survey, Ontario Geological Survey
Ray-Mont Logistics International, Volume Freight, IVADO Labs, Faimdata
Canard Bleu
Flybits, TD Bank Group, CEVA Freight Canada Corp., mimik, Toronto Metropolitan University
DAL.IA: Using Artificial Intelligence to Manage the Supply Chain
Logibec, CHUM, Moov AI, Chair in Analytics and Logistics in Healthcare (HANALOG)
Prediction and optimization of rental assets stock and transportation
Simplex Equipment Rental, Mind in a box, CGI, Maya HTT, Équipements Mathieu, Construction Bugère
Project Galactic
Ravel by CF, Coveo Solutions Inc., Gensquared Inc., Konrad Group Inc., Matt and Nat SE, The Silver Mountain LTD, QE Home | Quilts Etc., Ann-Louise Jewellers Ltd.
Improving Save-On-Foods’ supply chain through AI-based demand forecasting
Save-On-Foods, D-Wave Systems, ThoughtsWin Systems, White Box Analytics, OpsGuru, Deloitte
Supply chain optimization platform
Adastra, Taiga Building Products, Standard Building Supplies
AI-powered supply chain model focused on demand, from supplier to customer
London Drugs, Deloitte, TAP, Sanctuary AI, Atlantia
Smart platform for optimizing agricultural yield
Adastra, GoodLeaf Farms, University of Guelph, SunGro, Johnny’s Selected Seeds
AI-based NDT platform for improving productivity across the steel sheet products supply chain
InspecTech Analygas Group, Impact AI, QA Consultants, TWB Company, Magna International, Royal Military College of Canada
AI-driven retail sales demand forecasting
Bombardier Recreational Products, IVADO Labs, Performance NC, Motor Sports World, Energy Powersports
Predictive modelling and optimization algorithms for home care delivery
AlayaCare, CIUSSS du Nord-de-l’Île-de-Montréal, Bien Chez Soi, Polytechnique Montréal
E2E ML-based demand forecasting
Unilever Canada, Larus Technologies, SOSCIP
AI-Based Quality Control and Machine Analytics
CrossWing inc/Foxfire Labs, Shield Medical Products, The Design Quantum, Université York, Big Nano, LifeCycle Revive, Performance BioFilaments, Kimberly-Clark, Innomar Strategies, Cardinal Health
SemiosBIO Technologies Inc., Laughing Coyote Orchards, Ivado Labs
Cognitive Capabilities for Aero-engines’ Aftermarket
Pratt & Whitney, McKinsey & Company Canada, MOOV AI, Cognitive Group, Standard Aero Limited Winnipeg, Vector Aerospace Engine ServicesAtlantic Inc, Schaeffler, Paradigm Orillia Technology, Meloche
Industrial video analytics for manufacturing efficiency
Pacefactory inc, Magna International, Université de Guelph, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII), Université du Québec à Rimouski, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada, DuPont Sustainable Solutions
AloT fulfillment
Attabotics, Canadian Tire, Microsoft, Intel technology of Canada ULC, AltaML et Amii
AI for Energy Supply Chain Feedstock Optimization
Tidewater, Validere, Nova Analytics, Université Queen’s
Developing an AI-Driven Platform for Last Mile Delivery and Home Installation
Quick Contractors, Canadian Tire, Genaire Transport
Predictive Analytics for Aviation
Bombardier, Globvision, Ivado Labs
AI-powered Satellite Constellation Production
MDA Corporation, Connektica Solutions, Mafina Solutions, Ivado Labs
Precision Harvest
McCain, Fiddlehead, Resson, Riverview Farms Corp, CP Farms Ltd, Swansfleet Alliance, Valley Farms
Staff optimizer and twoway product recommender for eCommerce
Kognitive Tech Inc., Ivado Labs, Roy Foss, Cellcom
Patient clinical care pathway optimization
MCI Onehealth Technologies Inc., Polyclinic, Altima Dental, Khure Health
Transportation optimization
Kemira, Global Attributes
Planogram optimization solution
Canadian Tire, Ivado Labs, Spacefile International Corp.
Sherbrooke AI Digital Twin
Kruger Products, BCG, Osedea, Vooban, Polytechnique Montréal, Université Laval
Demand forecasts for spare parts
Bombardier, Traxxall
Optimization of transportation assets
Ray-Mont, Argus Transport
Extending an order’s life cycle through AI
Bell Business Market, Inmind Technologies, Maxa AI, MSI, Loblaws Group, Ausenco Engineering Canada
Improving the supply chain for truck maintenance
Trimac Transportations, Preteckt, Université McGill
AI-powered pricing
Couche-Tard, Thirdbridge, Ivado Labs
An AI-based prediction platform for driving supply chain efficiencies
Fleet Complete, Pitstop, Sensata, NPL Canada, Superior Propane
Port Logistics Optimization Tool
Montreal Port Authority, Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership, Canscan, EI Systems, Termont
Smart supply chain for the minerals and metals sector
Groupe Optel, Aluminium Association of Canada, Laserax, Lithion Recycling, Université Laval, SmartyfAI
Demand forecasting and real-time monitoring in retail businesses
Find Innovation, Pr Chi-Guhn Lee, Pacific West Commercial Corporation, Boathouse Apparel, Cook Culture Ltd, Bella Group, Plenty Apparel, Purdy’s
Intelligent forecasting for a more reliable supply chain
Distribution Pharmaplus, Groupe Horizon Santé, Pharmacie SM, CS et AP Inc, Sodan Conseillers TI, Thales Digital Solutions
Augmented reality: a new approach to aerospace defect detection
OVA, Bombardier, Royal Canadian Navy, CiMMi
Breakthrough AI and machine learning models for Canadian supply chains
Plotly, Hydro-Québec, S&P Canada, Musashi Canada, Dex Clothing, Enhance Energy, RenoRun, Xtract AI, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII)
New intelligent planning tool for shipyards
Thales, Sodan, Simwell, Genoa Design International, Polytechnique Montréal, Université de Laval, Dalhousie University, Seaspan Victoria Shipyards
AI for the air cargo industry
Air Canada, OEC Group, Edgenda
Taking flight: optimization in the airline industry
Air Canada, Plotly
Improving demand forecast accuracy
Loblaw Companies Limited, Plotly
Increasing efficiencies in the multimodal transport industry
Ray-Mont Logistics, SimWell Consulting & Technologies
Reducing installation and repair times for telecommunication customers
Bell Canada, Exfo, VuPoint Systems
Farm to market
Local Line, Flanagan Foodservice, Ontario Fresh Ontario Farmers Collective
AI for customized packaging
Nulogy Corporation, Mars Canada, Shenker Canada, Lake City Foods, Linsey Foods and Alliance
Intelligent platform for automated construction of optimal and localized price and promotion plans
Rubikloud, Rexall, Google, University of Guelph
Modernizing home care for better client outcomes
AlayaCare, CBI, IntegraCare, Polytechnique Montréal, Bien chez soi
Adaptive AI powering the oil and gas supply chain
Stream Systems, IBM, Paramount Resources, NAL Resources, Trans Mountain, Drift Technological Solutions, Egistix Corporation
Cognitive supply chain in aerospace
CAE, GFI, Groupesag Laser/Jet d’eau, BMP Metals Inc, Presagis Canada Inc.
Retail supply chain platform
Ravel by CF, Coveo, Fintech Growth Syndicate, Adeptmind, Softmoc
Made possible through the
financial support of
Gouvernement du Québec
Gouvernement du Canada

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