Staff optimizer and twoway product recommender for eCommerce

The Challenge

Kognitive Tech, a leading eCommerce enterprise, is excited to be adding their first AI capabilities to their software suite. This project is designed to build strong personalization capabilities scalable for retailers.

The developed tools will first provide retailers their clients’ clustering, scoring, and prioritization in real-time and with machine learning in order to better capture demand and optimize their store resources (e.g., required staff at a given time). A product recommender will subsequently provide product and service recommendations for the relevant customers’ clusters based on expected customer needs and available inventory.



Scale AI investment


Total investment


“The goal with this project is to ultimately grow retailer’s transaction conversion rates, or demand capture, while increasing supply chain efficiency. It will be very beneficial to retailers as they will be able to offer more tailored products and services to their customers”

— Josh Singer, CEO
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