Pricing and room assignment optimization – cruise and hospitality industries

The Challenge

Plusgrade, known as a market-leading provider of travel ancillary solutions, has expanded into hospitality. Plusgrade is advancing its upgrade bidding system in the cruise industry by developing a dynamic pricing optimization solution to better match bids with available rooms. In the hospitality sector, the focus is on refining room assignments, introducing a similar pricing tool, and creating a system that presents customers with upgrade options tailored to their preferences and the likelihood of acceptance. This project aims to maximize revenue yield and enhance customer experience by leveraging more sophisticated AI algorithms for both room pricing and assignment, ensuring optimal utilization of premium inventory.



Scale AI investment


Total investment


“By leveraging AI, Plusgrade is setting a new standard in revenue optimization, ensuring that every upgrade opportunity is both lucrative for our partners and enticing for our customers.”

— Ken Harris, Founder and CEO, Plusgrade
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