The Challenge

As the leading precision-farming platform, and the world’s largest independant agtech provider, Semios is focused on simplifying the grower’s experience by bringing important, interrelated crop data into one easy-to-use platform.

Leveraging a network of sensors that provide more than 500M data points measuring climate, soil moisture, insect and disease activity daily, Semios applies big data analytics and machine learning to reduce and mitigate crop risks for growers. With weather being the primary driver of nearly all crop and pest development, granular, accurate, and reliable forecasting that is hyper-localized to an orchard’s unique conditions is imperative.

“This project will leverage Semios’ robust historical data set of incanopy microclimate conditions to develop spatial weather forecasting tools designed to account for variability in a site’s crop and topographic characteristics. These new capabilities will provide growers with more precise and granular weather predictions that are tailored to the in-canopy conditions of their orchard, supporting more reliable decision-making.” mentions Stuart Shiell, Lead, Data Insights at SemoisBIO.



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"Through these activities, we will be able to identify key geospatial locations for sensor placement that will provide the opportunity to help growers worldwide reduce chemical inputs, better manage water, organize farming data and improve crop outcomes”

— Stuart Shiell, Lead, Data Insights at SemiosBIO
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