The projects we’re investing in

$500 million of collective investment and counting.
This is AI in action.
AI Enabled Control Tower for End-To-End Supply Chain Visibility and Support
Cavendish Farms, Deloitte, Nuvoola AI
Foxfire Labs, Magellan Systems, 503 Farming, Alokozay Distribution, Al-Nasr Groceries
McCain Driving Impact (MDI) x AI
McCain Foods Limited, Boston Consulting Group, Fiddlehead, Lemay.ai, Tribal Scale, Dalhousie University, Gaia Consulting, Beaver Creek Farms Ltd, Riverview Farms, Valley Farms, Killoween Farms
AI for exploration and development of critical raw materials
Enersoft (GeologicAI), Kirkland Lake Gold, Casino Mining Corporation, Fireweed Zinc, Tech-X Resources, Yukon Geological Survey, Ontario Geological Survey
Smart platform for optimizing agricultural yield
Adastra, GoodLeaf Farms, University of Guelph, SunGro, Johnny’s Selected Seeds
SemiosBIO Technologies Inc., Laughing Coyote Orchards, Ivado Labs
Precision Harvest
McCain, Fiddlehead, Resson, Riverview Farms Corp, CP Farms Ltd, Swansfleet Alliance, Valley Farms
Smart supply chain for the minerals and metals sector
Groupe Optel, Aluminium Association of Canada, Laserax, Lithion Recycling, Université Laval, SmartyfAI
Farm to market
Local Line, Flanagan Foodservice, Ontario Fresh Ontario Farmers Collective
Made possible through the
financial support of
Gouvernement du Québec
Gouvernement du Canada

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