AI Enabled Control Tower for End-To-End Supply Chain Visibility and Support

The Challenge

Cavendish Farms, the fourth largest processor of frozen potato products in North America, is embarking on a transformative AI project to establish a Control Tower platform, enhancing decision-making in procurement, processing, inventory and fulfillment. Collaborating with Deloitte, Nuvoola AI, and St. Mary’s University, the goal is to integrate data systems, automate processes, and improve visibility across the value chain within 24 months. The project includes optimizing raw material usage, reducing waste, improving inventory efficiency by 20%, and maintaining a high on-time shipping rate to boost customer satisfaction. This unified approach aims to break down silos, increase material utilization, and streamline operations, driving significant improvements in Cavendish’s operational performance.



Scale AI investment


Total investment


“The future of integrated farming and food processing requires significant investment and a true commitment to continuous improvement, technology, and innovation. Our Control Tower project is the natural next step in our innovation and sustainability journey. By investing in high-impact AI solutions, we are investing in operational excellence and ensuring we are well-positioned to meet our customers’ expectations, today and for years to come.”

— Georges Tetegan, Supply Chain Executive, Cavendish Farms
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