AI-enabled Raw Material Characterization for the Drug Manufacturing Supply Chain

The Challenge

Within the vaccine manufacturing process, raw materials are a crucial input, as variations in raw material quality can lead to write-off batches and shortages of critical drugs. To address this challenge, the proposed solution involves leveraging AI technology and Katalyze’s RMC platform in conjunction with Sanofi’s internal tools and additional data from suppliers. This end-to-end solution will enable the identification and characterization of the raw materials via feature engineering and predictive model.



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“Katalyze AI streamline AI integration in the manufacturing industry, ensuring every company can harness the power of Manufacturing 4.0 to drive impactful change and efficiency. Working alongside Sanofi Canada, we’re pioneering a collaborative approach that merges the best of AI technology with pharmaceutical expertise to drive forward the future of healthcare manufacturing.”

— TBC, Chief Executive Officer, Katalyze AI
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