E2E ML-based demand forecasting

The Challenge

Because it offers everyday consumer products in retailers across the country, Unilever’s supply chain is central to its success.

By utilizing internal and external data, the End To End- and Machine-Learning-based Demand Forecasting solution, developed by Unilever Canada’s Collective Intelligence and AI/ML analytics strategic partner (Larus Technologies) and supported by SOSCIP consortium smart computing platform, ensures optimal forecasting for Unilever.

Gary Wade, President, Unilever Canada: “Accurately forecasting product demand is essential for Unilever as a fast-moving consumer goods company, permitting us to optimize production and distribution, while making essential products available to all Canadians.”



Scale AI investment


Total investment


"Using unique AI expertise to provide data driven insights, this project will have a significant impact across the broader supply chain, thus benefiting all stakeholders.”

— Gary Wade, President, Unilever Canada
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