Predictive modelling and optimization algorithms for home care delivery

The Challenge

AlayaCare is a company that enables home care providers across the world to improve their patient care delivery through technology. Already relying on AI to simplify home care planning and management services to specialized agencies, AlayaCare now plans to take things a step further by using predictive modelling to optimize scheduling, routing, and staffing operations. 

Naomi Goldapple, VP of AlayaLabs, AlayaCare: “Our approach is unique in that we use data to streamline the organization of shifts by the care workers’ geographic area, schedules, and skills; ultimately, delivering predictability and compensation, which are both motivating factors for our customers on the frontlines of caregiving.”



Scale AI investment


Total investment


"As the industry faces a labour shortage, we are using AI to optimize care worker resources, improve the outcomes that they provide to patients, and change the way care is delivered in the home. ”

— Naomi Goldapple, VP of AlayaLabs, AlayaCare
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