AI-driven retail sales demand forecasting

The Challenge

A global leader in the world of powersports vehicles, propulsion systems and boats, BRP sells its products in over 120 countries through a network of dealers and distributors. As part of its commitment to fully leveraging AI to drive business growth, BRP is looking to bolster its supply-chain processes, starting with improved demand forecasting. This project is aimed at developing predictions using advanced AI algorithms, generating insights for key decision-makers and supply chain stakeholders at BRP. 

Sandy Scullion, President, Powersports Group: “Our goal is to create value for our dealers and end customers alike, positioning ourselves at the vanguard of AI-powered decision-making in our industry.”



Scale AI investment


Total investment


“With this project, we seek to enhance our predictive capabilities for customer demand, driving efficiency and agility across our supply chain.”

— Sandy Scullion, President, Powersports Group
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