AI-Driven Demand Forecasting for CIUSSS West-Central Logistics Optimization

The Challenge

The Integrated University Health and Social Services Network for West-Central Montreal (CIUSSS West-Central Montreal) and its connected health innovation hub – OROT are proud to partner with IVADO Labs in order to co-develop and deploy an Artificial Intelligence System designed to enhance and streamline the logistics of the CIUSSS West-Central warehouse through precise demand forecasting. The partnership is designed to leverage the unique capabilities of both organizations in order to transform the decision-making process to a more informed, data-driven approach, thereby empowering the CIUSSS logistics professionals to make more informed and effective operational decisions. CIUSSS West-Central Montreal is committed to providing healthcare recipients with timely access to a seamless continuum of care across its 34 sites. OROT has a mandate to lead the way in co-creation and interdisciplinary collaboration, with the aim of supporting the creation of digital innovations that meet user needs.



Scale AI investment


Total investment


“We are thrilled to be able to collaborate with IVADO Labs in order to co-create a system capable of accurately predicting material requirements, streamline procurement processes, and ultimately help us bolster the overall operational efficacy and ensure optimal use of resources.”

— Audrey Benarrosh, Director of Logistics and Procurement of the CIUSSS West-Central Montreal
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