Developing the First Patient-Centric Care Management System for Oncology

The Challenge

This AI project focuses on developing, deploying, and evaluating software to address three key challenges in oncology: the unpredictable nature of patient flow, the difficulty of proactive capacity planning, and the coordination of multiple services that a single patient may require throughout their care trajectory.

It brings together a multi-province consortium of leading healthcare institutions.

The project will use multiple algorithmic classes to address each of these challenges. These range from Machine Learning and Statistical Modeling for the prediction of patient flow to Operations Research algorithms that proactively determine the ideal set of resources required to sustain the predicted incoming patient flow.



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Total investment


“AI is an integral part of our innovation and development strategy. We believe in the importance of using this tool to improve medical decision-making, and therefore patient care, throughout their life trajectory.”

— Melissa Diffey, Manager, Radiation Medicine Program, The Ottawa Hospital
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