Optimization of crane allocation

The Challenge

GUAY specializes in crane rental, handling and transportation and has the largest fleet in Canada. With this AI project, the company will optimize the planning and dispatching process of its cranes and operators to various construction sites. The first phase is to create an intelligent dispatch system that will be able to allocate the team and equipment to suitable projects, optimizing the number of daily service calls. The second phase adds an intelligent submission module to speed up the entry of service requests into the system, reducing the risk of errors that occur in the scheduling process from one day to the next.



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Total investment

Optimization of crane allocation


“The impacts of this AI project will globally affect the construction industry. We know that crane operation occurs at a critical moment on the construction site. Our team will improve at processing and dispatching service calls, bringing a significant efficiency gain for all the partners involved, particularly in minimizing downtime. The project will also have a positive environmental impact in optimizing equipment location and transportation in the province of Quebec.”

— Guillaume Gagnon, Executive vice president, GUAY
Made possible through the
financial support of
Gouvernement du Québec
Gouvernement du Canada

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