AI-Enabled Warehouse Digital Twin

The Challenge

Routeique helps businesses that distribute fast-moving consumer goods to save time and money while innovating their supply-chain operations. The Routeique platform currently captures and manages information on inventory levels, storage configuration, and warehouse operations, enabling their clients and partners to make informed decisions about operations. However, Routeique’s clients are asking for more assistance in making faster, better decisions at scale. Working with our partners at the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute, this project will further warehouse optimization and provide an archetype that increases the efficiency and productivity of future warehouses. As a result, Routeique will help Big Rock Brewery make even better use of its resources and improve revenue by bringing efficiencies to Big Rock’s warehouse operations.



Scale AI investment


Total investment

AI-Enabled Warehouse Digital Twin


“The proposed solution design will focus on orchestrating warehouse operations to maximize efficiency across three interconnected warehouses. The result will allow users to visualize the results in our Digital Twin platform and perform what-if scenario planning to evaluate the impact of changes on operations.”

— ​Mike Allan, President, Routeique
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