Revenue Management for Retail & Supply Chain Through Artificial Intelligence

The Challenge

The ALDO Group, a leading Canadian fashion retailer, is currently using AI to develop a comprehensive solution aimed at automating key processes, as well as providing real-time analysis and optimization. It will integrate with existing systems and workflows.

Furthermore, the organization is now partnering with leading Canadian-based technology and supply chain players to implement an intelligent Revenue Management System that maximizes supply chain and retail revenues and profitability using machine learning and operational research techniques.

The consortium will work together to optimize order fulfillment and markdowns based on forecasted demand and inventory levels.



Scale AI investment


Total investment


“The system will not only improve the ALDO Group’s overall supply chain, but will also act as an intelligent extension of our current retail capabilities, enabling data-driven business decisions and thereby contributing to our long-term competitiveness and growth. This AI project will facilitate effective management of demand, pricing, inventory and customer satisfaction.”

— Matthieu Houle, Chief Information Officer, ALDO Group
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