Optimization of transportation assets

The Challenge

The Ares.AI project aims at developing a decision support system based on Artificial Intelligence for the optimization of Ray-Mont Logistics’ transport assets. Transport assets include a fleet of trucks, drivers, chassis and rails.

Road transportation planning will allow Ray-Mont and its partners, such as Argus Transport, to reduce expenses, eliminate bottlenecks, reduce empty runs and improve asset utilization. In terms of rail transportation, the project is expected to minimize switch changes, car movements and operational delays related to rail management at Ray-Mont terminals and at its railway partners.



Scale AI investment


Total investment


"Ray-Mont has always believed in innovation and cutting-edge technologies to distinguish itself. It was natural for us to embark on artificial intelligence projects. We hope to leverage our data to develop solutions that will improve our efficiency and customer satisfaction.”

— Luke Mireault, Vice-President and Chief Innovation Officer
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Gouvernement du Canada

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