An AI-based prediction platform for driving supply chain efficiencies

The Challenge

Vehicle and equipment downtime is the leading cause of inefficiencies within supply chain and logistics in terms of costs and time. AI introduces new ways of better managing the maintenance of commercial vehicle fleets with predictive analytics around components. Creating a robust and scalable solution that is brand-agnostic and big-data oriented, Fleet Complete will be able to provide advanced brake and tire prognostics to fleet owners and managers to significantly reduce downtime and, consequently, lower the cost of ownership of their mobile assets.

Tony Lourakis, CEO of Fleet Complete: “At project completion, the global automotive industry will gain an AI-powered prediction platform that will support the entire connected vehicle ecosystem in driving cost and time efficiencies, as well as help promote growth and employment opportunities across Canada and abroad. It will also help the automotive industry better prepare for a connected, autonomous, and electric future that will radically change vehicle costs and ownership models.”



Scale AI investment


Total investment


“Building these new vehicle maintenance prognostic models will help overcome a multitude of challenges that the commercial vehicle industry is facing today - from daily vehicle maintenance to handling of exceptional repairs to improving the performance of teams on the road.”

— Tony Lourakis, CEO of Fleet Complete
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