Predicting Usage Cycles for Electric Vehicles

The Challenge

Dedicated to accelerating the clean energy transition for commercial fleets, Cleo offers invaluable support to operators as they embark on their electrification journey. From infrastructure design to dynamic day-to-day charging management, Cleo helps fleet operators seamlessly and sustainably transition to electric vehicles.

Cleo is taking the lead in developing additional functionalities within its smart platform for clients operating electric school bus fleets. This innovative platform provides users with the necessary tools to optimize vehicle charging schedules, ensuring reliable charging for planned routes while minimizing energy costs and reducing demand on the grid. The primary goal of the project is to predict bus usage cycles, enabling the efficient utilization of its charging plan optimization model. To achieve this, Cleo’s smart platform leverages historical trip data and external factors such as weather forecasts and academic calendars using unsupervised machine learning techniques. Key outputs include automatic trip detection, prediction of trip start and end times, energy consumption estimates, and an assessment of the likelihood of irregular trips occurring. The fact that Cléo is a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec further strengthens its commitment to sustainable electrification solutions.



Scale AI investment


Total investment


“Through our partnership with IVADO Labs and investments from Scale AI, we're elevating the efficiency of our optimization models, ultimately leading to substantial cost savings for our clients. This project harnesses the power of AI to automate the input and upkeep of crucial client data, mitigating reliability concerns that could otherwise impact vehicle charging and operational continuity.”

— Stéphane Bélair, VP, Development and Product Evolution, Cleo
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