AI-Driven Supply Chain

The Challenge

Logistik Unicorp, a prominent uniform program provider for corporations and governments, is collaborating with Mind in a Box and Inmind Technologies on an AI project to create a responsive, agile, and data-driven supply chain. The initiative focuses on maintaining a 95% service level for timely order delivery and improving demand forecasting efficiency by incorporating external signals and machine learning. Partners Inmind Technologies and Mind in a Box bring their expertise to the project, backed by data from POLR and Mondou. They also plan commercial deployment, helping customers in optimizing inventory and shipping in resource-limited settings.



Scale AI investment


Total investment


“Our AI project goes beyond technology; it's about creating a responsive, agile, and data-driven supply chain that can adapt to the dynamic needs of our clients and the market.”

- Louis Bibeau, CEO, Logistik Unicorp

"This collaboration positions Inmind as an innovator in augmenting Manufacturing ERPs with advanced AI capabilities."

- Jérémie Farret, VP AI and Advanced Analytics, Inmind Technologies
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