Advanced Planogram Optimization Functionalities

The Challenge

Since 2021, Canadian Tire has been enhancing retail efficiency with Tetris, a software for optimizing store-specific planograms. With over 500 planograms created since its launch in January 2022, the tool has successfully reduced operational costs. Canadian Tire now seeks to expand Tetris’ adoption by introducing advanced features for store staff and a new corporate user group, aiming to transition from standardized to customized local planograms. This evolution will grant users greater flexibility and creativity, leading to further cost savings and potential sales increases through unique and visually appealing product arrangements.



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Total investment


“By integrating advanced functionalities into Tetris, we are paving the way for a new era of in-store customization, where efficiency meets aesthetics for the ultimate benefit of our customers.”

— Greg Hicks, President and CEO, Canadian Tire
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