Supply Chain AI for Circular Manufacturing Feedstock

The Challenge

Macrodyne Technologies, North America’s largest hydraulic press manufacturer, has seen an opportunity in the market to support its customer base by providing the physical equipment and a complete AI-enabled software solution to help feed the equipment and to run their operations by utilizing supply chain tooling with AI. To achieve the desired results, they will develop two AI modules, a supplier feedstock prediction module that will predict the distribution of feedstock (in their case, solely types of plastics) at supplier sites, as well as a pickup cost optimizing module that will combine the predicted supplier feedstock with the inventory needs of processing plants and current information on suppliers, availability of drivers, trucks, and time constraints.



Scale AI investment


Total investment


“The project uses AI to make a new technology to recycle plastics economically viable, steering additional investment into the compression moulding industry. We are very proud to use AI solutions that will allow our client to automate operations, reduce costs, and make more informed decisions.”

— Kevin Fernandes, President, Macrodyne Technologies Inc.
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