The projects we’re investing in

$500 million of collective investment and counting.
This is AI in action.
Autonomous Procurement Pricing System
ATS, Demtool Inc., Waterloo Analytics, University of Waterloo (Vision Image Processing Lab), OERP Canada
Supply Chain AI for Circular Manufacturing Feedstock
Macrodyne Technologies Inc., ReGen Composites Inc., SimWell, Moov AI, Claude-Guy Quimper from Institute Intelligence and data—Université Laval
Aircraft Parts Affinity Recommendation with AI
Bombardier, IVADO Labs, Xennial Innovations
Intelligent structural steel design and estimating system
Canam Group Inc., RJC Engineers, McIntosh Perry Consulting Engineers, Moov AI, CICIEM (Concordia University)
AI-Based Automotive Sunroof Installation & Supply Chain Management
Foxfire Labs, Automotive Sunroof Craft, Dealership Consortium, The Design Quantum, York University, OEM Consortium, SEMA, Signature Sunroofs
Supply chain insights & optimization
AMG Medical, KPI Digital, Alpine Pacific Agencies, GDK Marketing Inc
AI-based NDT platform for improving productivity across the steel sheet products supply chain
InspecTech Analygas Group, Impact AI, QA Consultants, TWB Company, Magna International, Royal Military College of Canada
AI-Based Quality Control and Machine Analytics
CrossWing inc/Foxfire Labs, Shield Medical Products, The Design Quantum, Université York, Big Nano, LifeCycle Revive, Performance BioFilaments, Kimberly-Clark, Innomar Strategies, Cardinal Health
Cognitive Capabilities for Aero-engines’ Aftermarket
Pratt & Whitney, McKinsey & Company Canada, MOOV AI, Cognitive Group, Standard Aero Limited Winnipeg, Vector Aerospace Engine ServicesAtlantic Inc, Schaeffler, Paradigm Orillia Technology, Meloche
Industrial video analytics for manufacturing efficiency
Pacefactory inc, Magna International, Université de Guelph, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII), Université du Québec à Rimouski, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada, DuPont Sustainable Solutions
Predictive Analytics for Aviation
Bombardier, Globvision, Ivado Labs
AI-powered Satellite Constellation Production
MDA Corporation, Connektica Solutions, Mafina Solutions, Ivado Labs
Transportation optimization
Kemira, Global Attributes
Sherbrooke AI Digital Twin
Kruger Products, BCG, Osedea, Vooban, Polytechnique Montréal, Université Laval
Demand forecasts for spare parts
Bombardier, Traxxall
Augmented reality: a new approach to aerospace defect detection
OVA, Bombardier, Royal Canadian Navy, CiMMi
AI for customized packaging
Nulogy Corporation, Mars Canada, Shenker Canada, Lake City Foods, Linsey Foods and Alliance
Cognitive supply chain in aerospace
CAE, GFI, Groupesag Laser/Jet d’eau, BMP Metals Inc, Presagis Canada Inc.
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financial support of
Gouvernement du Québec
Gouvernement du Canada

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