The Challenge

Kemira is a global leader in sustainable chemical solutions for water-intensive industries. It provides best-suited products and expertise to improve our customers’ product quality, process and resource efficiency. The focus is on pulp & paper, water treatment and oil & gas. For Kemira’s customers, timing is key, as each plant only has limited storage capacity and would need to shut down operations once this capacity is reached. The AI-based solution will use all available data to optimize transportation through Mixed-Integer Programming.

Serge Hudon, Projects Manager – Innovation, Integration, Training, Kemira: “This project will focus on optimizing the transportation routes and minimizing the costs.”



Scale AI investment


Total investment


“AI allows the solution to select the optimal combination of routes after an exhaustive evaluation of all possible options, while considering a wide variety of factors, such as driving hours, material compatibility, opening hours and even construction, along the way.”

— Serge Hudon, projects manager- innovation, integration, training, Kemira
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