AI for Energy Supply Chain Feedstock Optimization

The Challenge

Trillions of dollars of commodities change hands multiple times in the Canadian and global energy supply chains with little real-time visibility into their attributes. The resulting inefficiencies increase energy costs and emissions across the world’s largest supply chain.

Tidewater has partnered with Validere to use an AI-powered, universal data layer that consolidates and augments multiple data sources into a single source of truth to make better operational, commercial, and ESG decisions. The best course of action can now be determined at a system level by sourcing the appropriate feedstocks for all steps of the supply chain. The result is better economics, reduced energy costs for Canadians, and tangible greenhouse gas emissions reductions. “We are proud to be involved in creating technology jobs in Canada and this project is a great example of the large role energy plays in all facets of the Canadian economy. These tools are useful in both day-today operations, but also in the strategic planning of product movements.” – Terrence Dumont, EVP Montney at Tidewater Midstream.

“Validere is excited to continue our work with great partners like Tidewater and Scale AI. Making the energy supply chain more efficient using technology is one of the biggest environmental and economic opportunities available today.”  – Nouman Ahmad, co-founder and CEO at Validere



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"We are especially proud to be creating our technology in Canada and driving job growth here. Validere has created over 20 Canadian jobs this year, and this project has certainly supported our growth.”

— Nouman Ahmad, co-founder and CEO at Validere
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