AloT fulfillment

The Challenge

Attabotics has developed an innovative 3D robotic goods-to-person storage system that offers automated retrieval and real-time order fulfillment.

By reducing a company’s warehouse needs by 85% and reducing labour costs by 75%, Attabotics’ solution is enhancing logistics and inventory management across Canada and beyond. Adding AI (Machine learning & Operations Research) to the command and control of the robotic solution makes the Attabotics offering more efficient while maximizing the throughput and uptime.




Scale AI investment


Total investment


“These advancements will have a direct impact on the serviceability of the product. Not only will customers see lower operating costs, which are already significantly decreased by our technology, but by maximizing the number of items picked-up by the robot, orders will be gathered faster and more efficiently, further reducing the fulfillment cost for our customers.”

— Neeraj Gupta, cNeeraj Gupta, Chief Strategy Officer at Attaboticshef de la stratégie à Attabotics
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