AI-Automated Inspection and Predictive Maintenance of Wireline Cables

The Challenge

Tier 1 Energy Solutions will commercialize a world-first application of AI for predictive maintenance and performance monitoring of cables used in the Wireline operations in the Oil & Gas service industry. This will enhance the on-site operational efficiency enabling Tier 1 Energy Solutions to provide a safer, more reliable, and equally important, an added ESG focused supply chain by extending the lifetime of the Wireline cables.   The project consists of a hardware-software cloud based-platform containing multi-sensor data AI models. Tier 1 Energy Solutions is currently working with Zetane Systems and DeltaTee Enterprises to achieve a commercial deployment in 2024.



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“Our adoption of AI for wireline cable inspections provides new abilities to foresee and mitigate errors and inconsistencies in equipment, which can reduce operations' disruptions, save costs and improve our ESG positive impact.”

— Robert Sutherland, Chief Executive Officer, Tier 1 Energy Solutions
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