AI-powered supply chain model focused on demand, from supplier to customer

The Challenge

As it continues its digital transition, London Drugs Limited is proceeding with upgrades to its infrastructure, core merchandising capabilities, supply-management processes, and pricing. AI-driven data processing enables improvements to forecasting of demand for suppliers while mitigating shortage risk and losses from unsold or unproductive inventory. It also reduces the need for its teams in the field to perform certain meticulous, labour-intensive tasks.

Robert Bagatella, CFO, London Drugs Limited: ”The supply and inventory management component will facilitate data-driven collaborations with our suppliers, while demand forecasting will help ensure more fluid and timely replenishment decisions. The business intelligence amassed as a result will also be key to our pricing decisions. In addition, we will be able to better serve our customer communities by ensuring the products and services that need to be delivered are available to meet in-stock demands.”



Scale AI investment


Total investment


”The project’s objective is for us to better serve our customers by making improvements to London Drugs’ technology capabilities that in turn will improve operational efficiency.”

— Robert Bagatella, CFO, London Drugs Limited
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