The Challenge

Enovum Data Centers, known for building and managing critical digital infrastructure, is spearheading the SOLARIS project in partnership with First Block and Mind in a Box. This groundbreaking initiative at their Montreal facility aims to optimize energy use, reduce carbon emissions, and enhance heat recovery through AI and predictive modeling. First Block brings its hydrocooling and fatal heat redistribution expertise, while Mind in a Box is responsible for advanced analytics and AI integration. The collaboration focuses on improving Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), increasing waste heat recycling, and boosting the profitability of decentralized computing. SOLARIS will develop predictive models and a sustainable data infrastructure, incorporating hydrocooling for efficient heat management, setting a new standard for green data center operations.



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"Our commitment to energy efficiency and carbon reduction is embodied in the SOLARIS project, where AI meets green innovation to redefine the data center landscape."

— Simon Hamelin-Choquette, Director of Corporate Development and Strategy, Enovum Data Centers
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