Scale AI Unveils Enhanced Acceleration Program to Propel Canada’s AI Startup Ecosystem

Montreal, Canada - April 16, 2024

Scale AI proudly announces the launch of the latest version of its Acceleration Program, aimed at bolstering Canada’s AI startup ecosystem.

With a steadfast commitment to fostering innovation and driving growth, Scale AI’s Acceleration Program has been meticulously revisited to provide better support for AI startups nationwide.

The Acceleration Program’s first goal is to empower AI startups by enhancing their AI capabilities. Through a multifaceted approach, the program offers comprehensive support and resources to help startups thrive in today’s competitive landscape. By granting access to AI talent, providing guidance on IP ownership, and facilitating collaborations with leading AI institutes, this program aims to equip startups with the tools they need to build solid and distinctive expertise in AI-powered solutions and services. 

This program will also foster the growth of AI startups by facilitating access to new markets and helping them secure funding. By identifying and nurturing new AI project opportunities in collaboration with the industry, the Acceleration Program opens doors for startups to scale their operations. Additionally, this program leverages the strength of the AI startup ecosystem to help startups secure the necessary funding to fuel their growth trajectory.

At its core, Scale AI’s Acceleration Program is committed to building a robust AI startup ecosystem in Canada. By supporting a wide range of startups–from pre-seed to Series B+–in collaboration with more than 25 incubators and accelerators nationwide, the program ensures that a diverse range of AI startups receive the support they need to thrive. Building on its history of supporting over 330 startups in the first phase of its mandate, Scale AI is prepared to further contribute tangible value to Canada’s AI startup ecosystem.

For more information about Scale AI’s Acceleration Program and how it’s shaping the future of AI innovation for Canadian startups, visit

If you are a member of a Canadian accelerator or incubator, or a startup wanting to learn more, register for our upcoming Office Hours with Scale AI’s investment team. 

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