AI is the Future of Homecare – AlayaCare’s AI Project

by Charlotte BA
Montreal, Quebec - October 26, 2022
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Artificial intelligence is the present and future of homecare. AlayaCare and its project partners are developing Applied AI for Homecare, an AI-informed software platform that gives homecare agencies better planning and management tools to optimize their workforces and deliver better care.


The benefits of homecare are beyond dispute. Homecare controls the rise of healthcare costs, reduces the stress on hospital services and, best of all, improves outcomes for patients. The bad news is that the sector suffers from a shortage of homecare professionals. Talk about a dilemma: At the very moment when homecare is needed more than ever, trained workers are leaving the industry in droves—mainly because they do not get enough paid hours to make a living.

AI-powered optimization software is the solution

AI-powered optimization technologies are the solution to this perplexity. These advances match homecare professionals to availabilities to make sure these trained workers have full schedules and their services are used most efficiently. At the forefront in this field, AlayaCare is leading a project to develop an AI-informed software platform that gives homecare agencies better planning and management tools to optimize their workforces. By making scheduling, time reporting, clinical documentation and patient monitoring more efficient, AlayaCare’s Applied AI for Homecare platform enables homecare providers to do what they do best—deliver best-in-class services that improve the lives of patients.

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Better patient care is just the first success

The payoff of Applied AI for Homecare promises to be significant. AlayaCare’s clients include CBI Health Centre, which supplies community healthcare services across Canada; Bien Chez Soi, a homecare service in Quebec; and IntegraCare, which delivers homecare services in Toronto and Mississauga. Homecare professionals who work for these organizations, as well as other that use AlayaCare platforms, carry out 10 million patient visits every month. Consider the effect that successful integration of artificial intelligence will have on these visits. Now consider the benefit of Applied AI for Homecare for organizations and practitioners throughout the sector. Consider how much money would be saved through reduced healthcare costs, how much stress would be alleviated on overall healthcare services, how many trained workers would no longer feel the need to leave the sector, and, most of all, how much better patient care would be.

Canadian-made AI could be the future of healthcare

Artificial intelligence in homecare and overall healthcare has just begun. Technology-enabled homecare is poised to grow in leaps and bounds as virtual care and remote monitoring become more feasible. The data drawn from this burgeoning field will be the source of insight to deliver better care. Artificial intelligence will be central to analyzing that data and helping policymakers, healthcare authorities and caregivers make increasingly more informed decisions. Canada can be a leader in AI in homecare and healthcare, not only by developing innovative product lines that help improve outcomes, but also by pushing the boundaries to change the future of the entire industry. Scale AI—one of the country’s five Innovation Superclusters—is an original investor in this project and its exciting advance in Canada’s AI innovation ecosystem.

AI-powered optimization of scheduling, time reporting, clinical documentation and patient monitoring means:

  • Reduced healthcare costs
  • Alleviated stress on overall healthcare services
  • More trained homecare workers staying in the sector
  • Better patient care
  • Improved patient outcomes

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