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April 19, 2024

Bridging the Skill Gap: Scale AI’s Impact on Digital Intelligence Training for Canada’s Workforce

April 19, 2024

Empowering Tomorrow’s Innovators: Scale AI’s Engagement in Accelerating Canada’s AI Startup Ecosystem

Ecosystem December 11, 2023

AI Grew Up in Canada. Let’s Keep it Working Here.

IP without Jargon July 4, 2023

Successful AI Founders Do These 3 Things With Their IP

IP without Jargon June 10, 2023

Developing a Winning IP Strategy Is NOT DIFFICULT

IP without Jargon June 6, 2023

What Does a Winning IP Strategy Look Like?

IP without Jargon May 29, 2023

How Do Patents REALLY Work?

IP without Jargon May 1, 2023

Intellectual Property Is for Business—Not for Lawyers

IP without Jargon April 21, 2023

The one thing about patents that every AI startup and SME needs to know

IP without Jargon April 15, 2023

How Can You Talk About Your AI Without Giving Away Secrets?

IP without Jargon April 10, 2023

“What Can I Patent” Is the Wrong Question

IP without Jargon April 1, 2023

How To Stand Out From the Crowd

IP without Jargon March 23, 2023

The 7 Habits for Highly Effective IP

IP without Jargon March 14, 2023

Why do Investors Love IP?

AI at ScaleRapports March 8, 2023

Canada’s AI Ecosystem at a Critical Juncture

IP without Jargon March 1, 2023

Three Obvious Rules for Protecting your Secrets

IP without Jargon February 22, 2023

What Do Successful Founders Say About Patents?

IP without Jargon February 1, 2023

Thinking About Open Sourcing Your Code?

Ecosystem January 20, 2023

AI as a Crucial Driver for the Green Transformation of our Industries

Ecosystem January 20, 2023

AI Technology Is Improving Supply Chains and Fostering Economic Growth

EcosystemManufacturing November 15, 2022

Canadian manufacturing players at the forefront of AI

Case studyManufacturing October 26, 2022

Steeling Canada’s Aluminum Competitiveness – OPTEL’s AI Project

Case studyManufacturing October 26, 2022

Digital Twin is a Supply Chain Win – Kruger Products’ AI Project

Case studyTransportation October 26, 2022

Making Canadian Ports Smarter – Cargo2AI

Case studyHealthcare October 26, 2022

AI is the Future of Homecare – AlayaCare’s AI Project

Ecosystem October 19, 2022

Concrete projects and advice for the implementation of AI in your business

Ecosystem April 19, 2022

Ecosystem actors meet at the AI Encounters forum

Transportation September 30, 2021

Why AI is a game changer for the transportation industry

Transportation September 30, 2021

Driving AI forward in transportation and logistics

Retail September 29, 2021

Making a case for AI in retail applications

Retail September 29, 2021

How AI can fuel future growth for retailers

Manufacturing September 28, 2021

Building AI into the factory of the future

Manufacturing September 28, 2021

Why AI is a key building block of Industry 4.0

IP without Jargon July 8, 2021

SMEs: The 5 biggest reasons to patent have nothing to do with starting a fight.

IP without Jargon June 28, 2021

When is a great name a bad trademark?

IP without Jargon June 9, 2021

Avoid an open source shipwreck

IP without Jargon May 20, 2021

Is Open Source Software “IP”?

Ecosystem May 11, 2021

Surround yourself with the right people to deploy AI

IP without Jargon May 10, 2021

Copyright is easier than pie.

IP without Jargon April 26, 2021

SMEs: The worst intellectual property mistakes are not what you think.

IP without Jargon April 15, 2021

The Mystery of the Dial-up Dinosaur

IP without Jargon April 8, 2021

How do patents actually work?

IP without Jargon April 1, 2021

Innovation without patents is like fishing without a net.

Ecosystem March 31, 2021

Advancing AI together

IP without Jargon March 25, 2021

The misunderstood patent.

IP without Jargon March 3, 2021

Protect your stuff, Part II (…your information and data)

IP without Jargon February 24, 2021

Protect your stuff (…your information and data)

IP without Jargon February 15, 2021

Do you know your (IP) rights?

IP without Jargon February 8, 2021

Can’t this wait?

IP without Jargon January 19, 2021

Your IP needs you.

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