Thinking About Open Sourcing Your Code?

by Todd Bailey
Montreal, Quebec - February 1, 2023
IP without Jargon

Wondering whether you should open source your code?
Actually – that’s completely the wrong question.

Open source is just a means to accomplishing a business goal.
But if you don’t know what your goal is, how can you achieve it?

I always start with: why? Why do you want to open source anything?

Done right, open source can create demand, generate publicity, and build a community. But just releasing open source doesn’t magically do any of that. It requires a plan. And time, energy & resources.

Is releasing open source right for you? You can’t answer this crucial question without a plan.  So, what’s your plan?

Did you know?: releasing open source is not an all-or-nothing decision. Yes! It’s possible to release open source AND still protect IP (…preferably just not in that order!).  That is how companies like Databricks, Red Hat, Google and others have used IP and open source to achieve their business goals.

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