How To Stand Out From the Crowd

by Todd Bailey
Montreal, Quebec - April 1, 2023
IP without Jargon

As you design your product, the customer is always top-of-mind. But are your “big picture” goals also top-of-mind?

Success comes through building products that customers want.

In a lean approach, that means you’re capturing customer insights as part of each build cycle.

But if your ultimate goal is a successful exit someday, then your business is also the product you’re building. A product you want to sell someday.

So, ask yourself: Are you also building what your ultimate customer wants?

Of course, you are. Actually, it consumes you day and night. Buyers want ventures with novel products that drive user interest, gain traction, and scale.

But is that all they are looking for?

More than just novel technology and traction, acquisitions are driven by the buyer’s quest for an edge. The kind of edge that careful intellectual property planning provides.

And the one thing that everyone knows about big companies (a.k.a. acquirers) – they love IP. They love it because it helps them defend themselves, and because it helps create value for their business.

That’s why a venture with a solid IP plan and well-planned IP assets is on every acquirer’s wish list.

In a competitive world, you have to stand out from the crowd.

So, what are you doing to delight your ultimate customer?

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