Steeling Canada’s Aluminum Competitiveness – OPTEL’s AI Project

by Charlotte BA
Montreal, Quebec - October 26, 2022
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Smart Supply Chain for Minerals and Metals Sector is a cloud-based authentication platform specifically designed for the aluminum industry. Equipped with this innovative advance, Canadian producers are able to certify the authenticity of primary metals, maximize Canada’s competitive advantage internationally, and avoid harmful and unnecessary trade wars.


No one wins a trade war. In the past, trade disputes and tariffs have threatened Canadian aluminum industry, a seven-billion-dollar revenue stream.  As a result, the immediate and critical challenge for Canada, then, was to develop a foolproof way of certifying the purity of its aluminum for the export market.

Real-time supply chain visibility from mine to market

OPTEL Group sprung into action. The Quebec-based provider of track-and-trace and vision systems—bolstered by the metals-sector heft of project partners the Aluminum Association of Canada and its members —developed the Smart Supply Chain for the Minerals and Metals Sector. The ongoing cloud-based authentication platform digitally tracks primary metals from mine to market, ensuring  Canadian aluminum is sustainable, responsibly sourced and from Canada.  This enables producers throughout the sector to certify the authenticity of the Canadian origin of this primary metal. This assured quality produces lasting benefits and improves Canada’s competitive advantage internationally.

An industry precedent

Through the Smart Supply Chain for the Minerals and Metals Sector, OPTEL Group and the Aluminum Association of Canada are connecting all stakeholders in the supply chain, creating unparalleled visibility and ensuring fair trade. Canadian producers can now more easily certify the authenticity of primary metals, empower end users to make informed decisions about aluminium-based products, and maximize Canada’s competitive advantage internationally while avoiding harmful trade disputes.  This innovation sets an industry precedent that could become a global model for the authentication of minerals and metals. Through the support of Scale AI Supercluster, stakeholders in the supply chain continue to connect to create unparalleled transparency and ensure fair trade. At the same time, they are bringing responsible production standards to Canada’s aluminum industry. Scale AI—one of the country’s five innovation Superclusters—is an original investor in this project and its exciting advance in Canada’s AI innovation ecosystem.

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Advantages of a smart supply chain for minerals and metals: 

  • Introduces cloud-based authentication to the aluminum industry
  • Offers real-time supply chain visibility
  • Certifies the authenticity of the Canadian origin of the primary metal
  • Provides commercial partners with information on materials in circulation

The goals of smart aluminum authentication:

  • Ensures the sustainability of foreign and domestic markets
  • Empowers end-users to make informed decisions about aluminum-based products
  • Safeguards Canadian exports
  • Maximizes Canada’s competitive advantage

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