AI-Driven Subcontractor, Labour and Equipment Management

The Challenge

EllisDon is a Cradle to Grave construction company, with services ranging from pre-construction financing to post-construction asset management. The primary objective of this AI initiative is to create a predictive tool to accurately estimate the costs of activities and identify potential risks related to construction projects and subcontract work. The predictive tool will analyze 4+ years of available historical project data to predict two key KPIs concerning project health, risk related to cost overrun and risk of delay. In addition, the tool will automatically surface past similar projects and delay reasons to PM teams to help improve efficiency.



Scale AI investment


Total investment


“EllisDon is happy to leverage technology in every aspect of its business to push beyond traditional industry positions and drive change. As subcontractors account for over 80% of total supply chain costs in construction, improved planning and budgeting for subcontract work can enhance overall supply chain efficiency in the Canadian construction industry.”

— Brandon Milner, Senior Vice-President, Data & Digital, EllisDon
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