NavTrax: AI-enabled forklift automation and collision avoidance

The Challenge

Foxfire Labs is specializing in the cutting-edge applications of artificial intelligence in order to overcome manufacturing limitations, supply chain bottlenecks, and logistics challenges. Foxfire Labs is spearheading a project to retrofit manual forklifts with an AI-driven plug-and-play kit, transforming them into semi-autonomous vehicles. This upgrade addresses navigation, load handling, and safety issues in warehousing, aiming to reduce goods damage, improve storage efficiency, and alleviate supply chain bottlenecks. The system will evolve with continuous feedback, enhancing distribution logistics.



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Total investment


“By retrofitting manual forklifts with our AI technology, we're not just upgrading equipment, we're revolutionizing the entire logistics workflow. Our solution empowers warehouses to overcome efficiency barriers and sets a new standard for safety and operational excellence.”

— Aryan Durrani, Managing Partner, Foxfire Labs
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