AI-Based Automotive Sunroof Installation & Supply Chain Management

The Challenge

Toronto-based Foxfire Labs’ mission is to develop an entirely autonomous robotic platform that can serve to benefit consumers, businesses, and national defence. This project aims to develop a business platform for the automotive sunroof industry, leveraging AI to significantly improve planning visibility, inventory levels, and labour productivity for supply chain participants. This project will also enable participants across the supply chain to share data currently held in silos and leverage AI for specific applications.



Scale AI investment


Total investment

AI-Based Automotive Sunroof Installation & Supply Chain Management


“This consortium led by AI service provider Foxfire Labs includes all chain supply chain players, as they share a common pressing need for this impactful solution. Various companies will benefit from this project, with Foxfire Labs deploying the solution to adjacent industries with similar template and cutting requirements for materials such as glass, fabric, and composites.”

— Aryan Durrani, Managing Partner, FoxFire Labs
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